Unique CIC Mission

Our focus is to support and assist in the development of our most important entity in society today, our children. Every child has potential to be great. Every child has a unique set of skills that they should cherish and build on. Every child should feel worthy and useful. Not every child has the same opportunity to succeed and we believe in addressing this early.

Building strong resilient well-grounded individuals is the future of our nations success and especially important if we are as a nation to succeed on a global scale. We believe that if we are able to provide all children with a set of tools to understand modern society and their emotions and fears, then they will be able to be a greater part of society and contribute more.

Unique believe that if the core of the child, that being physical and mental, is paramount for that child success. We listen and work with the child to assist them to see their full potential and how they should see themselves in the future this being positive. We focus their belief that they will succeed and be an important part of society.

We set about identifying the children’s potential then working to help them achieve their potential, showing them that they can achieve and then this drives positivity and reason in that child.

Unique also see some children have larger hurdles to overcome, whether being social surroundings, trauma they may experience, stresses added to them such as social media and peer pressure and environmental circumstances, and as such we feel these children need early intervention for them to find a positive focus to aim for and we strengthen their confidence and their self-belief. We give extra support and guidance in order for them to achieve their goals.

Unique also see the child as a long-term project not a one of help then discharge, offering an open access once they have been referred to us and constant review and mentoring.

Each child is an individual and as such the assistance and help they are given will be individual and tailored to that child and their needs but at the centre of all interventions will be building the child’s core, which unique aim to support alongside educational bodies in order for the child to succeed.

Due to the nature of negative impacts that can affect the child’s core unique will offer a wide range of skills to promote the child’s wellbeing, often with many skills and interventions being offered at once. The central theme is to still build strong healthy resilient, positive individuals which are charge of their destiny’s. Equipping the individual with a set of tools they can draw on or revert back too throughout their whole life.