About us

Amanda Weston (BSc Hons in Physiotherapy) is the daughter of an investment advisor and has spent most of her working life treating others and relieving them of their injuries. She worked initially for the NHS, then moved to private practice in Cheshire at one of the leading physiotherapist groups in the UK. She is expert in all forms of Physiological and skeletal injuries remediation.

Amanda has run her own private practice for over 20 years and has an extensive national reputation and client base. She is currently co-leading the transfer of the MMU campus at Crewe.

In 2008 Amanda identified a specific need for physio structured interventions in primary aged children to strengthen their core and confidence. This has since been further developed and has been received by many thousands of children throughout Cheshire. Amanda has a proven ability to reach even the most difficult child and the interventions she knows work will be supported by this charity. Putting children first and making them succeed is a passion for Amanda.

Amanda said, “Young children are extremely capable and we aim to help them reach their potentials and change their lives. Even the most difficult child has potential to become great and we aim to help them see this. Seeing the impact we have already had from interventions by just listening to children and giving them confidence, self-belief, self-worth, success and knowledge, it is easy to see that structured and safeguarded interventions can transform a child, a school and society. We must intervene earlier and our charity will help to fund such positive interventions that give support for the children of Cheshire.”

Michael Jones, (BA, MSc), is the son of a railway signalman and trade unionist. He is a former City head-hunter and corporate advisor to all the leading investment banks and some of Europe’s corporate banks. He retired in 2004 after a successful stint in restructuring one of Europe’s largest banks.

He became a magistrate in 2009, entered politics in 2010 and campaigned for the Conservative Party and became a Conservative Councillor in 2011. He retired from Politics in 2017. He is currently co-leading the transfer of the MMU Crewe campus.

He is a passionate supporter of children’s rights and safeguarding, and the support of women, and he has donated money to various women’s refuges and other causes that support women’s rights.

Michael said, “We both believe in a child having a strong core and that in an ever more complicated world for today’s children we need to install confidence, compassion and belief and that children should be listened too. Children are our most precious resource and supporting children earlier is important for them and for us, and for society as a whole. It should lead to preventative action and early intervention which this CIC will specifically look to fund and develop.”